About the Council

At the grassroots level of government in Wales, community and town councils are accountable to local people and have a duty to represent the interests of the local community. Community and town councils enhance the local government system as a whole and provide a number of benefits to the communities they serve including local responsiveness, the dedicated representation of local interests, the ability to mobilise community activity and the capacity to supplement and enhance the services and facilities operated by the County Council.  

Higher Kinnerton Community Council isprogressive in nature and members work collaboratively with other public-sector organisations for the best outcomes for our residents. We listen to our community and plan our activities accordingly. This is reflected in our long-term investment plan which ensures our village is both socially and financially sustainable.

The themes ofCommunity, Commerce and Communication are reflected through all Higher Kinnerton Community Council activities and with the changes happening in local government and the need for communities to work together to support and deliver community services, the Community Council set about prioritising links with our residents to communicate, engage and deliver.