Financial Information

Town and Community Councils are funded principally by an annual precept. Income and expenditure for the next financial year are calculated in the form of detailed budget forecasting.

The precept is included with residents council tax which is collected by the County Council and paid to the Community Council in three instalments. Community and town councils can apply for other funding such as grant and funding awards, but they do not receive funds directly from central government.

Since 2015 it has been a requirement for all community councils to publish their audited statement of the council’s accounts 'online'. These details can be found below plus some useful guidance on the types of income sourced and expenditure undertaken the Community Council.

Typical Income

Precept £27000 per annum. The community council decide the amount of precept each year. 

Non Typical Income

During 2012 s106 monies (£34000) were allocated to Higher Kinnerton for recreational infrastructure. This was provided via David Wilson Homes as a concession for the lack of recreational space within the Babylon Fields development. This expenditure has been managed by the Community Council. In 2016, a further £40,000 was allocated via the Elan Homes in lieu of shortfall of on-site play provision within the forthcoming Kinnerton Lane development which will be managed by the Community Council once development commences. 

Typical Outgoings

Donations to local organisations including 1st Kinnerton Scout Group, All Saints Church and the Village Hall
Newsletter production
Allotments maintenance
Main Road Recreation ground rent
Grounds maintenance services, principally for Main Road Recreation Ground
Christmas lighting
Summer playscheme
Funding and organisation of village events and village enhancement projects
Administration costs and membership fees
Accounting audit charges and website fees

Street Light Running Costs. This ceased in 2014 as the Community Council upgraded and returned all the street lighting stock to the ownership of Flintshire County Council. The upgrade and subsequent transfer was achieved through a planned five year capital investment programme. As a result of this stock transfer Higher Kinnerton Community Council no longer pay for the annual maintenance of street lighting within the ward. Higher Kinnerton is the only ward within the county to have no liabilities for street lighting. This allows the community council to spend all of its precept for the benefit the community.

Voluntary Time Effort and Value

The financial aspects of the Community Council are transparent. However, real value is added by members of the community council and the volunteer network who help and support our community. A significant amount of voluntary work is undertaken each year to ensure Higher Kinnerton receives the very best community services.  In short, for every pound of precept income received a significant amount is received from voluntary support. Thank you to all those volunteers.

Annual Returns

Click here to see our 2014/2015 annual return

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