Vandalism to Residents Cars

In the run up to Christmas we had reports of damage being done to vehicles parked in Bennett’s Lane. It was disturbing to hear that both vehicles belonged to residents living in the pensioners bungalows. It would be even more disturbing if we learned that these vehicles had been deliberately targeted and carried out by someone living within our community who knew they were damaging vehicles belonging to more vulnerable members of the community. 

The Community Council will be discussing these issues with our PCSO at our January meeting and if you have any information that you feel would help the police in their investigation, please come forward as this is not behaviour we believe any resident would condone.

PCSO Jones’ number can be found in the contacts section of the newsletter.

Village Plan Gets Underway

This is probably the most ambitious and most challenging project the Community Council has undertaken in recent times but it is without doubt the most important in terms of forming a strategy for the future of our village up to 2030.

HKCC has submitted its own response to the Flintshire County Council’s Local Development Plan and the document can be found on the Higher Kinnerton website on this link - 
However, following a meeting with Andy Roberts (Chief Planning Officer for Flintshire), we have been encouraged to develop our own Community Plan which we are advised would act as the reference document for Higher Kinnerton when decisions are being made about future development in our area. This is vitally important, as for the first time we would have the opportunity to influence not only the type and number of new houses built in the village but also to pinpoint exactly where, and on what, future investment in the village should be focused on.

We also have to consider the positive and negative impact the Warren Hall development will have on the village if developed, and this would also form an important part of our plan. 
There will be lots of opportunity for community engagement through open meetings and surveys as we move forward, but in the initial stages we need to form a steering group. This will comprise of Higher Kinnerton Community Councillors together with members of the community who have an interest in shaping the future of the community they have chosen to live in and put down roots and maybe, bringing up a family in the village. The task is too big for HKCC alone as it needs community involvement as well. So, we appeal to you step forward and join us. We are probably looking for six residents to join the steering group but don’t look at that as a barrier to getting involved. We need your involvement even if you choose not to be part of the steering group.

The Community Council has already started research on developing the plan and, looking at other local community plans, it is clear that as well as settling on a vision for the future, there are four main elements the plan needs to focus on. They are: - 

  1. Environment – protecting and developing the open spaces in and around the community.
  2. Community & Services – Finding local solutions for the provision of services no longer supported by Flintshire County Council and developing existing community services and groups.
  3. Housing Growth – Working with the LDP to secure the right type and scale of future development to support residents’ needs.
  4. Economic – Provide a communication infrastructure which allows existing and future business development as well as supporting local employment opportunities.

We are holding an open meeting in the Village Hall on Friday, January 19th at 7.30pm where you are invited to hear more about the LDP as well as the initial thoughts on our plan. This is your opportunity to find out more and hopefully step forward and get involved in shaping OUR VILLAGE FUTURE. 

If you want to find out more before the meeting, then please contact or phone 07825 333811.

We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible.